getting to know terri


Terri’s art journey officially began at the age of nine with her first art classes, which would continue through her life with teachers from around the world.  Her non-traditional path took her on adventures through Africa and Europe, including studies in Italy to learn the Old Master’s technique used in their impressionistic art. 


Terri’s intuitive nature has led her on a journey of two paths.  One path is that of an artist and the other as a student/practitioner of vibrational healing.  Along the way, the two paths met and her ”Earth Art" was born.

"My ‘Earth Art’ grew as a natural progression of a lifetime spent collecting and working with crystals.  Believing myself to be guided by Spirit, I began showcasing them in my art in 2005.  This marriage has  afforded me the opportunity to not  only share their natural beauty, but to raise the vibrational energy of my artwork with the incredible healing energy of Mother Earth."


Terri has been labeled an alchemist because of her intriguing blend of artist, healer, chemist and mineralogist. She has created a healing signature within each artwork with the energetic amplification and assistance of Reiki, essential oils, tinctures, symbols, sound, color, texture, crystals, minerals, metals, fossils and stones.