Say What?!
Little Birds Watching
Daisies at Dusk
Life of Adventure with Clear Quartz
Flight of the Dragonflies
Dragonfly Dazzle with Amethyst
Tree of Protection
Little Tree of Life
Letting Go
Gingko Love
Dragonfly Love
The Fairy and the Moon
Little Gold Leaves
Dancing Gingkos
Tree of Faith
3 Pc Laugh, Love and Live
Queen Bee
Live, Laugh, Love
Explore with Selenite, Agate, Quartz
Power in Purple
Cracked Copper in Green
Fairy Wishes
Cracked Copper in Blue
Tree Whimsey
Feeling Bold with Selenite, Agate and Clear Quartz Cluster
Everything's Coming Up Flowers!
Little Bird Sings
Copper Scroll
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"Earth Art ...using intuition to blend nature with paint and spirit with soul to create art which is emotionally uplifting and spiritually charged."

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Daisies at Dusk

8x 8, $240, Mixed Media with dried flowers, Gold Leaf, CITRINE centers and QUARTZ point petals. The CLEAR QUARTZ is referred to as a “Stone of Light” which is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul to heighten spiritual awareness. It dispels negative energy and helps establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance, which aids in clarity of thought and purpose. AMETHYST represents spirituality and contentment and helps by clearing the energy field of negative influences and